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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

5 Best Educational Toys on Amazon India for 5-Year-Old Kids
5 Best Educational Toys on Amazon India for 5-Year-Old Kids

Kids under the age of five learn at a rapid pace. You must try to help them along the way with educational toys that aid in their learning and development. Here's a look at a few toys designed to cater to kids aged 5 and above. Not only are these toys helpful to teach your kids about the basics of science, social science, numbers, letters, and so on, they're also engaging and will keep your toddlers occupied for a good few hours. 

5 Best Toys for Kids Age 5

Without further ado, here's a list of the five best educational toys for 5-year-old kids.

1. Imagimake Mapology India With State Capitals 

Imagimake Mapology India With State Capitals
Imagimake Mapology India With State Capitals
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Manufacturer Recommended Age - 4 to 6 years.
Budget - ₹

This is a foam map with puzzle pieces for all Indian States and Territories. Toy flags with capital cities can be pinned onto each state to help your kid learn and memorize the names of all Indian States, Union Territories, and their capital cities. Capital city stickers need to be stuck onto the plastic flags provided. 

The set has some small parts and should be kept away from kids under two. The map is made of EVA foam, and all the materials used conform to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM,  International Standards organization) standards for toys. 

You can gift this to kids who are curious about their country, nationality, region, and interested in learning more about the geography of India. This toy improves your kids' motor skills, memory skills, general knowledge, and spatial reasoning skills. 

Once your kid has mastered this map, you can move on to the Imagimake: Mapology World - World Map And Its Countries kit. 

  1. Includes the latest States and UTs
  2. Colorful and attractive puzzle pieces
  3. An excellent way to memorize state names, capitals, and their locations
  4. Price under 500 bucks.
  1. Delicate foam map can't withstand rough usage.
  2. The foam map keeps slipping from the base cardboard map
  3. One side of the flag is blank, could provide States/UT names to go along with the Capitals

2. Play Poco Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words

Play Poco Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words
Play Poco Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words
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Manufacturer Recommended Age - 4+ years.
Budget - ₹₹

This kit contains a black foam board with magnetic strips to keep the magnets on. 64 picture magnets and 144 alphabet magnets make up the rest of the set-up. You can start teaching your kids about alphabets if they're younger than four. Kids older than four and have a basic understanding of alphabets can be taught simple words. The picture magnets help them identify the words with ease and increase their vocabulary. A spelling guide is provided in the package. You can get creative with matching the pictures with the words games, fill in the blanks, or ask your kids to spell out the word in the picture. 

The quality of the board and magnets is decent. Even after prolonged usage, you'll not have non-functional magnetic pieces falling off the board. The magnetic squares are appropriately small for kids to handle with ease. Both upper case and lower case letters are included in the package. This toy improves your kids' vocabulary, critical reasoning skills, spelling skills, and motor skills. 

  1. Magnetic pieces will stick to any metallic surface like fridge, almirah, etc.
  2. Easy to use and store in the box provided
  3. You can get creative with different types of spelling and identification games.
  1. Has small parts; keep away from kids who're in the habit of putting random things in their mouth.
  2. The magnetic board is prone to scratches
  3. Some letters have only one matching picture.

3. Skillmatics Educational Games Reusable Activity Mats | Interactive Stories

Skillmatics Educational Games Reusable Activity Mats Interactive Stories
Skillmatics Educational Games Reusable Activity Mats Interactive Stories
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Manufacturer Recommended Age - 3 to 6 years

Budget - ₹₹

These reusable mats by Skillmatics are teaching aids you can deploy to help your child learn about the alphabet, drawing basics, preschool math, animals, arts and crafts, counting, and more. This particular set contains 12 reusable mats about interactive children's stories.

The information contained in all these mats is very basic and easy to understand. Kids will love revisiting the lessons they've learned, making the wipe-and-reuse feature an innovative benefit. The quality of the mats is excellent. They don't disintegrate even after wiping multiple times. 

The only drawback of this toy is the steep price tag. Similar reusable books are available for much lower prices offline. Also, you'll need to shell out a considerable amount of money to buy all of these sets where even one is quite expensive. 


  1. Reusable mats that can keep your kids busy for days.
  2. Pens are easy to refill and use with water.
  3. A fun way to teach your kids the alphabet, interactive stories, drawing basics, and more.


  1. The price is on the steeper side for what's on offer. Similar reusable activity maps are available cheaper offline.
  2. One set only contains 12 reusable mats in the same theme. Clubbing two or more themes would provide more value for money.

4. Shifu Orboot Earth - Interactive AR World Globe

Shifu Orboot Earth - Interactive AR World Globe
Shifu Orboot Earth - Interactive AR World Globe
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Manufacturer Recommended Age - 4 to 10 years.

Budget - ₹₹₹+

This globe toy might be a tad bit expensive, but it provides value for money by making geography interesting for your kids. They'll learn much more than the names of continents, countries, and capitals. They'll also learn interesting facts about each geographic location the camera hovers over. Not only is it a very creative way to teach an important subject, but it also turns your kids' screen time into a learning activity instead of the regular scrolling on Youtube. 

You'll need to download the Orboot Earth AR app by PlayShifu from Google Play, or the iStore, on your tablet or smartphone to use this toy. After installation, just open the app and hover the device over any location on the globe to learn more about it. 

While the app is glitch-free and easy to use, the quality of the globe could be improved upon. It's a plain cardboard globe that needs to be handled with care. 


  1. Turns your kids' screen time into learning time.
  2. Easy to install and use.
  3. Improves your kids' general knowledge in addition to teaching them about geographic locations.


  1. Requires additional gadgets not included in the package.
  2. The app requires permissions for intrusive device features like camera, voice, etc.
  3. Increases your kids' screen time. 
  4. Poor globe quality

5. Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles: Circles

Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles : Circles
Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles: Circles
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Manufacturer Recommended Age - 5+ years.

Budget - ₹

This toys package contains 400 circular magnetic pieces in 10 colors and a puzzle book with over 200 picture puzzles that kids can recreate with the magnetic pieces. Picture puzzles include animals, birds, aquatic life, insects, actions, and alphabets. The pictures are easy to understand and recreate. Kids as old as three can figure them out with a bit of guidance.

The quality of the blackboard provided is decent, so are the magnetic pieces that form pixellated images. This toy will keep kids away from screens for a long time. Once your kids have recreated all the picture puzzles, you can let them create their own pictures, scenes, and art. It's a good value for money product and makes an excellent gift for kids in the 3 to 6 years range. 

This educational toy improves your child's motor skills, spatial reasoning, and artistic talents.


  1. Magnetic pieces are colorful, attractive, and fit snugly against each other.
  2. Decent quality of magnets and magnetic board.
  3. Kids can get creative and use the magnets to create art
  4. Helpful pictures puzzle book to get the kids started


  1. Used and damaged products are delivered on rare occasions. Check the package before you open it.
  2. The finishing of the magnetic pieces could do with a bit of improvement.

That brings us to the end of our list of the 5 best educational toys for kids age 5. Hope you find this list helpful. Keep an eye out for more product reviews and product comparison lists in the coming days.

Quick Guide to Buying Educational Toys for Kids

If you're looking to buy educational toys for kids under the age of 5, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Manufacturer Recommended Age

Always check the manufacturer's recommended age. There's a reason why some toys, even if they look alright for 3-year-olds, are recommended for 5-year-olds. The reasons could be simple stuff like the inclusion of small and ingestible pieces in the package to complex ideas that might make kids in the lower age groups averse to learning.

2. Value for Money

Even if an educational toy sounds like a good way of teaching your kids some basic skills, refrain from shelling out your hard-earned money if the price tag is too steep. Look around some more, and you'll definitely find a more affordable alternative. There are a thousand ways to teach the same thing. It's unnecessary to buy the most popular toy to help your kids learn. 

3. Quality of Materials Used

Make it a point to look up what material the toys are made of. This way, you'll avoid disaster in case your kids are allergic to cheap synthetic colors, plastics, or other materials. Good quality toys use organic paints, high-quality plastics and carry appropriate warnings for hazardous materials if required.

4. Ideas and Execution

Just because it's marketed as an educational toy doesn't mean the team behind it has put in the research required to cater to proper learning methods for kids. There are toys teaching kids about people of the world with culturally insensitive cartoons that feed into widespread stereotypes. Read a couple of reviews, pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer, and take a good look at as many pictures as you can so you don't end up with a toy that's feeding your kids unsavory information. 

5. Eco-Friendly

This is a matter of choice, but we recommend buying long-lasting, eco-friendly, reusable, recyclable toys. Given the current state of our climate, you'll be doing yourself and your kids a great favor by not investing in use-and-throw trash. It's also a great way of teaching them about climate change, the impact of our actions, and carb footprint.

If you find this buyer's guide helpful, say so in the comments below. Your recommendations about what kind of products should be reviewed next are also welcome. Also, feel free to comment on my writing style, diction, and prose. This is also an exercise in writing a few words every day to hone my skills as a Content Writer besides generating some passive income via the Amazon Affiliates program. 

Have fun shopping for the best educational toys on Amazon India. 

Note: For this article, one '₹' symbol indicates a price less than Rs. 500. Every additional ₹ symbol indicates a range of +500. 

₹ - Price under Rs. 500

₹₹ - Price under Rs. 1000

₹₹₹ - Price under Rs. 1500

₹₹₹+ - Price under Rs. 1500+

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